Puppy classes

Did you just get a pup, and are unsure where to start? Puppy classes are the perfect place to socialize your pup to other dogs, people, and new experiences!  These fun classes will teach you how to raise a happy, confident pup, with a dose of how to train on the side.  Classes are 75 minutes, and run once a week for six weeks. Check out the calendar for start dates! 

What are we going to do?  We will be building a foundation of the following behaviours and socialization skills:

*Sit  *Down  *Stay  *Loose Leash Walking *Leave It and Take It  *Recall  *Preventing Jumping

*Safe body handling  *Bite inhibition  *Object exchange  *House training  *Play skills

Good Manners 1

These classes are for dogs and owners who are looking to brush up on some skills, or acquire new ones.  Classes are 75 minutes in length, and run once a week for 6 weeks. Check the calendar for start dates!
What are we going to work on?

*Sit  *Down  *Stay  *Wait  *Leave It  and Take It  *Recalls  *Loose Leash Walking  *Jumping  *Object exchange  

Tricky Tricks Classes

These classes are for dogs and owners who are looking for a bit more!  During this 4 week session, we will learn about clickers, shaping, and capturing, and will work on many tricks! This curriculum is based on what Tricks YOU would like to teach!
Some tricks that may be included are: 

*Shake  *Roll Over  *Spin  *Touch  *Back up  *Take a Bow,  and many more!

Drop In Classes

In the spring, summer and fall I will be hosting an outdoor drop-in class twice a month. Topics will vary every class, from a sit, to loose leash walking, with a couple of fun games thrown in for good measure. Check out the Calendar for upcoming drop ins and join me for some fun!

Private Training

Do you have a puppy with endless energy, sharp little teeth, and no idea where the bathroom is? Would you like your old dog to sit, stay, and come when called? Does your dog growl at strangers? Go nuts when people come over? Freak out when a skateboarder goes by? Would it be great if your dog did tricks, and walked nicely beside you? Private training is tailored to your goals for you and your dog. We work out a training plan and schedule, and I get to work with your dog. When training is complete, we do a transfer lesson, and I show you how to ‘drive’ your dogs’ new skills! 

Teach me Private Lessons

Always wanted to be a trainer? With the Teach me option, we work together. During our private lessons, I show you how to train the behavior you are wanting from your dog, then you do the training